alexa-rankingAlexa traffic has been a mainstay of our network since 2008 and we have a consistent supply of visitors available from our global network.

Just like our targeted web traffic we use the same advertising format with our Alexa based visits. Your website is displayed inside a full page pop under window to visitors who are surfing our network of publishing sites (currently over 50,000). The Alexa traffic differs from regular targeted web traffic as these visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser. Otherwise everything remains the same and your Alexa traffic originates from the geographical location and niche you select.

Why is this important?

The importance of generating Alexa traffic for your website is that when someone with the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, that visit counts has one vote or one visit which is added to your website’s total Alexa ranking.

The Alexa ranking is essentially a popularity contest. It serves as a gauge of your website’s popularity compared to other websites on the net. When a visitor is determining the validity of a website they will most likely check its Alexa ranking. The more popular a website, chances are they are providing a credible service. Unscrupulous sites or those providing substandard services are usually not heavily visited.

Why the Alexa ranking should matter to you?

Your Alexa ranking should matter to you because it is a great opportunity to push your website beyond the competition, giving you the edge in the services you provide. For example, let’s assume that a potential client is comparing two websites that are competing within the same niche. If both websites are similar regarding features and benefits, how does he select the best site for his purpose? He will check the Alexa ranking to see which site is more popular. The site with the higher Alexa ranking will most likely influence him to use that the site.

The net result is that you will not only increase your overall visitor numbers by purchasing Alexa traffic, but you will boost its attractiveness to potential customers. In addition to being attractive to potential customers, higher Alexa rankings can also increase your site’s attractiveness to search engines and possibly improve your site’s results page ranking.

Purchasing Alexa traffic is slightly more expensive than regular guaranteed web traffic, however you will quickly discover that the extra expense needed to buy Alex traffic is well worth the investment. The online marketplace is highly competitive and web marketers need every advantage in dealing with their competition. Recognizing the benefits that Alex traffic provides makes it an essential component for any marketer.

Think about it for a moment. By utilizing Alexa traffic you are not only increasing your website visitor count, but making your site more attractive to your clients. The net result is that this a great way of increasing the overall income that your site is able to generate. It’s a simple formula – more visitors equals more income.

What is Alexa Traffic?

Maybe you’re new to internet marketing or just haven’t taken the time to understand the importance of an Alexa ranking. In either case here is a little history into this important tool.

From the very beginning of the Internet boom Alexa has been around. Currently Alexa is owned by Amazon. Using extensive analytical data they focus on collecting and ranking sites based on their analysis.

To say that the online marketplace is highly competitive is an understatement. Should you decide to enter this competitive arena with your website, it is unlikely that you will find a niche where there is no or little competition. Therefore, you have to have a plan and budget in place if you’re going to successfully compete and generate income. If you’re looking for long-term growth and sustainability your website must stand out from the competition in as many ways as possible. Your Alexa ranking is one of those components.

Website visitors can be a very fickle lot and if you fail to satisfy their desires and expectations through your website design, you will soon discover that it will prove very difficult in launching your new website or promotion. However, there is no need to alter your site’s appearance in relation to your competition if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. In many cases providing your visitors with a design in which they are familiar can prove to be advantageous. You can stand out in other ways therefore separating your website from your rivals.

One way to give your website an advantage over the competition is to take steps in raising its page rank on the search engine results regarding your specific niche. To be straight up this is no easy feat to accomplish, however it is not impossible. It’s a matter of having good habits particularly when it comes to search engine optimization. This may seem an overwhelming task to some, but it’s a matter of implementing one good habit after another. Part of that strategy is raising your Alexa ranking. This does not take a lot of effort. It’s simply a matter of purchasing  Alexa traffic on a consistent basis.

Many marketers will balk at the idea of paying for traffic and will seek to get free traffic or ultra-cheap traffic not caring about quality. This approach never works and marketers who follow this pattern always fail. You’re operating a business and you have to be prepared to invest wisely if you wish to succeed. If you’re not willing to invest in your business to see it succeed then it is best that you not participate.

Other good habits which have proven beneficial to marketers is writing articles, building links and maintaining a functioning website. Not only will these habits help you attract new clients but to maintain them as well. Remember, a habit is not something you do once then forget about, it’s something you do consistently.

Finally, there is no more cost effective means of generating traffic to your website than purchasing guaranteed traffic from a reputable source. This provides instant returns if your website is prepared to handle new prospects.